Life After Sports


Retiring from anything can be a bitter sweet process. A few weeks ago one of the greatest players in NBA history is retiring, Kobe Bryant. I say one of the greatest because we’ve truly had a lot of amazing players come and go, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and so on. For the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant will go down as one of their greatest players in franchise history.


Not only has the NBA had its greats come and go, but every professional sport does. One of the greatest players in my opinion to ever retire was Brett Favre. Not only was he a class act on how you play the game of football, but he said numerous records that probably won’t ever be broken in our lifetime. But after the fact when they aren’t playing their sport, they have to adapt to a completely different lifestyle. A study shows that 40% of retirees suffer from clinical depression and 6 out of 10 show a decline in health. So its not as bright as many people think for those who approach the age of retiring because it can have serious traumatic effects.


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