How Media Effects Sports


Media has a profound effect on the world and how we view things. It has a similar effect on how we view sports. Sports are truly effected by how the media portrays the sports and for example it has transformed the game of the golfing championship as more of a celebrity event then a sporting event.

Media has multiple effects on how sports control their salary structure. Take baseball for example. There are multiple professional leagues besides the top MLB, but since MLB by popular choice is aired on television, it takes away from the fans and money from other divisions like triple a or double a leagues. Unfortunately its not only a problem in baseball, its within every sport we watch, because the coverage you get of any sport is from big league players. Big media controls public patronage.

The media can also effect how games can be played and officiated. Any headlines dealing with any sport that has a controversial topic can spark animosity on and off the court. Some big league players even actors can cause issues because they realize they can pull in more revenue if their names are in the light.

The media can also control what we learn about the sports we love. The media does not want to cover the positive effects of what sports can bring out in the players and the viewers that watch. They worry about the amount of views they can get on their channel so they have noticed the people who cause the most problems normally tend to draw more attention for them. So we as the viewers are only seeing the bad side of the sports and are teaching the up and coming players all the wrong things. Media truly isn’t always bad, but in some cases it manipulates stories and it can alter images in peoples mind about anything in the world.


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