Nebraska’s Surreal Spartan Showdown

The first game of November Nebraska played at home in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium against the Michigan State Spartans, entering the game with a three and six record and being seventh in the west odds were looking a little rocky for the Huskers. The Spartan’s were undefeated entering this game against the Big Red with an eight and O record, holding to their tough standard the Huskers would really need to work together as a team and not fall apart during this game if they expect to win. Being back in Lincoln this was a military appreciation game and the Remembering Our Fallen organization was there.Planes Flying Over Memorial Stadium in Honor of our Military, Remembering Our Fallen Exiting the Tunnel.

Also i former Nebraska  baseball player and current Kansas City Royals player Alex Gordon made an appearance at the game and  received a standing ovation for winning the two thousand and fifteen World Series against the New York Mets.

Kansas City Royals and Former Nebraska Husker Alex Gordon at the Nebraska vs Michigan State game.

Now back to the football game, with a later game starting at five o’clock mountain standard time fans filed into the stadium or plopped their behinds on the couch in front of their televisions with some game time favorite foods nervously awaiting the game and hoping for improvement for their beloved Husker football team. Quarterback Tommy Armstrong returned after being out last week’s game against Purdue due to a toe injury he received during the Northwestern game, De’Mornay Pierson-El is out again after an injury last week against Purdue and unfortunately it seems as if this leg injury will keep him out for the remainder of the season. But hey look on the bright side we still have great talent that is able to play on the field and cover these injured players. The game was off with Nebraska winning the coin toss and deferring the ball to Michigan State so NU would receive at the start of the second half of the game and with that the teams are going into battle. Nebraska was the first team to get on the board this game with a field goal by kicker Drew Brown making the score 3-0 then a touchdown by Jordan Westerkamp making the game 10-0, this is looking good for Husker Nation right about now. At the end of the first quarter Nebraska is ahead 10-3 but tides start to change when Michigan gets a touchdown making it 10-10 but the Huskers prevail and score another three points with a field goal, by halftime the score is 13-17 Nebraska down by four. Second half Nebraska receives the ball and before you know it I-back Imani Cross runs the ball in for a touchdown and Brown’s kick is good which brings the game to 20-17 but the curse of leading then falling behind catches up with the Huskers when the score in the blink of an eye is 26-31, then 33-38 all Nebraska needs to win is a touchdown but the clock is ticking. Can they win!? With needing 91 yards to accomplish this goal the Huskers truck on down the field, with seventeen seconds left in the game Nebraska gets what they need, a touchdown by Brandon Reilly! The score now 39-38 just a one point difference, Nebraska goes for the two point conversion but misses their opportunity, now it is up to the defense on whether or not they can win the game and hold the MSU offense to no points. The clock is set, players in position, the ball is hiked and Nebraska pulls off what they needed for a win, blocking the offense and running time off the clock forcing the quarterback to throw the ball away and giving Nebraska the win. Fans everywhere were ecstatic they cannot believe what just happened, Nebraska has won the game against the undefeated Michigan State team at the very last second pulling together and showing what Husker football is all about. All that is left to say is GO BIG RED!



One thought on “Nebraska’s Surreal Spartan Showdown

  1. Hey Madi,

    I am guessing you are a Nebraska Corn-huskers fan? I’m not hating, I personally don’t like that team, but I did enjoy your post on the Halloween topic, and this weeks post. I love when the planes fly over a stadium before the game. I was at Sports Authority Field watching a Broncos game and they flew over during the national anthem, and some guy ( I can’t remember who) flew in to the stadium with a para shoot on. I have to say that was one of the best pregame shows I even saw.

    Good Luck on paper 3! 🙂


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