Sports Injuries


It has been one heck of a week for NFL fans around the league. It truly seems as though players are starting to get more and more injured. I would like to take a look at the various injuries and why they have been happening, and some of the certain precautions you can start taking to prevent them.images-1

From various players such as Reggie Bush, Cameron Wake, and Le’veon Bell have all gone down with season ending, and very impactful injuries. Players are starting to become stronger and stronger everyday in the NFL, which instinctually means that players are going to be hitting harder. I feel as though the professional referees need to be trained better with the rule book and helping better protect the players. Possibly help going around and showing the players the appropriate ways and places to hit so we can maybe lessen all of the injuries that are coming in bulks it seems as it gets deeper into the NFL. Cameron Wake tore his achilles tendon. We could have helped extend his season with possibly demanding the players to where appropriate shoes to protect that area. Le’veon Bell blew out his knee on a gruesome play. If maybe the players were taught how to tackle other players correctly we could have prevented this injury.


It not only is a problem just in the NFL, but sports that are played year round have been experiencing more and more injuries. Some participants in the sport need to keep their bodies healthy and in shape. They also need to transform safety guidelines depending on the sport so that players aren’t getting hurt as much. Players safety is one of the biggest key to improving the fun of the sport, and players health of course.


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