League of Legends Championship finals

SKTelecom T1 is now the only team to win the World Championships twice. What else is crazy is that throughout the whole championships they had only lost 1 game and that was in the finals against Koo Tigers where SK Telecom T1 went 3-1 . In 2014 they were a shadow of their former selves not even making it to the 2014 World championships , but in 2015 they reclaimed their title and the king has reclaimed his throne. 2015 worlds were not like the previous worlds as teams have improved much throughout 2 years and Korea was not going to be a guaranteed winner although Korea is home to 3 of the championship cups two which belong to SKT and the other one going to Samsung white. However with 2015 came a new line up with only two of the players from the 2013 championship still remain on the team Faker and Bengi as MaRin, Wolf and Bang have replaced the others which they have been filling their roles more than well. However the road to the championship was a rough and bumpy road as in 2014 most of the players had been under performing and nobody would have ever guessed that the Champions of the year before didn’t even qualify for the Wold Championships in 2014. However this time around Faker didn’t receive his 3rd MVP  but it went to MaRin the top laner  for SKT as he had been a bigger impact in their victories than anyone would have assumed. An interview with the team they are all happy that they could have taken the win for their country and they hope to compete next year and hopefully try for a back to back Championship win.  MaRin further went on to compliment his teammates. “I could talk about who played well or made mistakes, but that’s not important. Because I know that during this five weeks at Worlds, I know how hard these guys worked. How many hours they spent playing. So I don’t want to think about the detailed performances. I just want to compliment all of them. And I think all of them are amazing players because of all the hard work and dedication they put in to make this come true.” 


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