Husker Halloween Hassle

Before diving into this weeks blog love, prayer, and support go out to the Nebraska Spirit Team as well as the family for the loss of team member and daughter Brianna Anson earlier in the week after a tragic accident. Husker Spirit Team At The Game Sporting Pink In Support Of Their Fallen Teammate

This week the match up between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Purdue Boilermakers fell on Halloween but happened at ten o’clock mountain standard time therefore there was no interference for the festivities of the night. Fun fact the Big Red is 17-1 all time playing on Halloween in their entire existence. With quarterback Tommy Armstrong being out for this game back up Ryker Fyfe had an opportunity to show Husker Nation what he is capable of, and they also for the first time this season wore the traditional white and red uniforms opposed to the all whites. Husker Uniforms Prepped And Ready For The Game

Now for some pregame information going into week nine, this is the third time that these two teams have matched up since Nebraska entered the Big Ten Conference, the Huskers won those two games by thirty seven points and twenty-one points. Entering this game at 3-5 after their rough game last week against Northwestern, Purdue entering the game at 1-6(positive outlook for the Huskers) their win was against Indiana State, the offense has struggled with one hundred and second in total offense, one hundred and third in rushing offense, and one hundred and six in third down offense. With the game off to a start Nebraska won the coin toss and deferred the ball to receive in the second half, Huskers kicked offed to the Boilermakers and the Blackshirts(Nebraska’s defense) did not allow any points, when the Huskers gained possession of the ball they were unable to get a touchdown , but settled for a field goal instead that  made the score three to zero. Before you knew it, in the blink of an eye, the boilermakers took the lead with a touchdown leaving the Huskers only able to score one touchdown with a blocked field goal, while Purdue scored another touchdown, nine to fourteen was the score by the second quarter. Unfortunately by halftime the score had turned into a nightmare for the Huskers who only had nine points compared to the twenty-one that Purdue had scored, this meant a haunting conversation needed to be held in the Husker locker room, they need to restructure and reevaluate their game plan if they hope to come out of this with a win. Second half started and Nebraska was receiving the ball and was able to score a touchdown bringing the score to sixteen to twenty-one, but one disappointment after another the scores kept distancing; Purdue went from twenty-one points to forty two before anyone knew it while Nebraska trailed with their score of sixteen, then twenty three, to then thirty one. Unfortunately this game was rough to watch for anyone who is a Nebraska fan especially when you’re losing to the worst team in the conference, the final score being forty five to fifty five a devastating loss for the Huskers and their record as well. Fingers crossed something can turn around with the team because fans are starting to fall apart at their seams.



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