Life After Sports


Retiring from anything can be a bitter sweet process. A few weeks ago one of the greatest players in NBA history is retiring, Kobe Bryant. I say one of the greatest because we’ve truly had a lot of amazing players come and go, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and so on. For the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant will go down as one of their greatest players in franchise history.


Not only has the NBA had its greats come and go, but every professional sport does. One of the greatest players in my opinion to ever retire was Brett Favre. Not only was he a class act on how you play the game of football, but he said numerous records that probably won’t ever be broken in our lifetime. But after the fact when they aren’t playing their sport, they have to adapt to a completely different lifestyle. A study shows that 40% of retirees suffer from clinical depression and 6 out of 10 show a decline in health. So its not as bright as many people think for those who approach the age of retiring because it can have serious traumatic effects.


The Golden State Warriors Record Setting Week


Hello basketball world! Welcome to a new episode of NBA basketball. This week has been full of amazing hoop action. After defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 111-77 on Tuesday night, the Golden State Warriors set the new NBA record for most consecutive wins without a loss to start a season.  The previous record was set by the Houston Rocket franchise at 15 consecutive wins without a loss. The Golden State Warriors, who won the NBA championship last season, have crushed  and destroyed every single team on their way so far and have outscored their opponents by a total of 250 points in the process. The Warriors have been the most dominant team and remain the only undefeated team in the NBA. Stephen Curry, the MVP of the NBA last season, is leading the Association in scoring with more than 30 points per night. Curry increased his scoring from last season by almost 10 points. Curry appears determined to run with the MVP trophy again this season and is on the right path if he keeps his steady performance on the floor.

Standing at 16-0, which is the new NBA record, it seems like the Warriors will not lose anytime soon considering their upcoming schedule. The Warriors can shatter the previous NBA record if they’re able to win their next 5 or so games. The Warriors upcoming match-ups include the Phoenix Suns, the Sacramento Kings, the Utah Jazz, the Charlotte Hornets, the Toronto Raptors, and the Brooklyn Nets. the Warriors have already faced the Raptors and the Nets this season and have won both games in convincing fashion. None of these teams are in the top 10 of the NBA as of right now. The Warriors could not have asked for a better schedule. However, can they sustain the same level of energy every single night? Every game that the Warriors will play from now on, will be a big game because they have a record to protect. Every team they will face will most likely bring their A game and do everything they can to stop the Warriors streak. The Warriors will obviously lose at some point but it is hard to guess when that will happen because they have been so dominant. Do you think the Warriors will lose one of their next 5 or 6 games? If so, please leave us a comment and tell us which team you think they will lose to.

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How Media Effects Sports


Media has a profound effect on the world and how we view things. It has a similar effect on how we view sports. Sports are truly effected by how the media portrays the sports and for example it has transformed the game of the golfing championship as more of a celebrity event then a sporting event.

Media has multiple effects on how sports control their salary structure. Take baseball for example. There are multiple professional leagues besides the top MLB, but since MLB by popular choice is aired on television, it takes away from the fans and money from other divisions like triple a or double a leagues. Unfortunately its not only a problem in baseball, its within every sport we watch, because the coverage you get of any sport is from big league players. Big media controls public patronage.

The media can also effect how games can be played and officiated. Any headlines dealing with any sport that has a controversial topic can spark animosity on and off the court. Some big league players even actors can cause issues because they realize they can pull in more revenue if their names are in the light.

The media can also control what we learn about the sports we love. The media does not want to cover the positive effects of what sports can bring out in the players and the viewers that watch. They worry about the amount of views they can get on their channel so they have noticed the people who cause the most problems normally tend to draw more attention for them. So we as the viewers are only seeing the bad side of the sports and are teaching the up and coming players all the wrong things. Media truly isn’t always bad, but in some cases it manipulates stories and it can alter images in peoples mind about anything in the world.

Huskers Reign Over Rutgers

Nebraska headed East this week to New Jersey  playing against Rutgers in week eleven after their last quarter win against Michigan last week. The Husker enter the game at 4-6 and the Scarlet Knights 3-6, this game was a big one in the fact that whoever lost the game their chance of going to a bowl game we no longer an option.  Rutgers enter at a three game losing streak on an average of thirty seven points, their leader this season is wide receiver Leonte Carroo who has had nine touchdowns for the season. The driving force for the Huskers are wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp, WR Brandon Reilly, and WR Alonzo Moore(great game player if you can recall from previous posts) who combined have over 1700 yards and 15 touchdowns for the season. This will be the third time that Nebraska and Rutgers will play each other in series history as the Husker won 42-24 last season in Lincoln, this will be the first time Nebraska will play in New Jersey in twenty-one years. The game kicked off at one thirty mountain standard time, the Rutgers won the coin toss and deferred the ball therefore Nebraska received the ball to start the game, ten minutes in and the Big Red is looking good with Carter making the first touchdown and giving Nebraska the lead, within the next eight Nebraska had another touchdown in the books making the score fourteen to nothing with a touchdown pass from Armstrong to Westerkamp all in the first quarter while Rutgers have zero points. Second quarter right off the bat Armstrong throws a forty four yard touchdown pass to Alonzo Moore making the score a twenty-one point lead to the Rutgers who are still at zero, by half time the Blackshirts only allowed one touchdown making it twenty-one to seven at the half, odds are still looking good for the Huskers for the game.

Wide Receiver Jordan Westerkamp Celebrating After His Touchdown

Huskers and Rutgers take to the field after their halftime locker room discussions, and the Rutgers, where the score becomes a twenty-one to fourteen game but, Nebraska came back with the third touchdown pass to Carter(again) changing the score once again to twenty-eight to fourteen, and aided Armstrong in reaching a record with a total of fifty two career passing touchdowns just four shy of obtaining the school record. In the fourth quarter Rutgers are still at fourteen and in the beginning of the fourth quarter Nebraska’s kicker Drew Brown came on the field to kick a forty four yard field goal giving the Huskers a new score of thirty one over the Rutgers. The rest of the game both teams struggled to gain any more points, resulting in a win for the Huskers, which definitely a gain in lifting the spirits of the team, coaches, fans, and everyone else that is associated with Husker Nation. With this being the second to last game before the season things are turning around for Nebraska, and hopefully they will be able to make it to a bowl game this year, just have to wait til next week to find out. Until then… Go Big Red


Best Teams To Start The Season

Hello Basketball world! It is time for us to talk basketball news. From the best teams to start the 2015-16 season, to the early race to the Kia Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the year trophy, we’ve got you covered. There have been plenty of surprises to start the season. A few non playoff teams from last year are making an impact and climbing their division standings. The Champions, Golden State Warriors are off to a hot start and determined to prove that last year’s run was not “luck.”

It might be early in the season but the Detroit Pistons have made quite an impact. They started the season by winning 5 of their first 6 games, thanks to their big man, Andre Drummond. Andre Drummond, drafted 9th overall back in 2012, is only entering his fourth season but already playing like a veteran. He has the body and the size at 7 feet tall. He has been dominating the boards and leading the league in that category with almost 20 rebounds a game. Reggie Jackson, who has stepped up into a bigger role with the Pistons since leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder, has also been outstanding. Jackson is averaging 22 points and five assists per game to start the year. Are the Pistons growing into an elite team or is their dominant run just going to subside? We will need to stay tuned to find out, as they still have 74 games to go.

The Golden State Warriors are another team off to an excellent start. After defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight, the champs set a team record of 10 victories and zero losses. They have been dominant and have outscored their opponents by double digits in almost every game. Their hot start is largely due to MVP Stephen curry, who has been putting up “must see” performances to start the year. Curry is leading the league is scoring with 33.3 points per game. Curry seems to be on his way to break his own 3 point record with the way he is shooting the ball. Is the reigning MVP also on his way to win his second and back-to-back MVP trophy this year? It seems like the champs are determined to silence the critics, and doubter by winning it all again this year.

Stay tuned for more basketball news!

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Nebraska’s Surreal Spartan Showdown

The first game of November Nebraska played at home in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium against the Michigan State Spartans, entering the game with a three and six record and being seventh in the west odds were looking a little rocky for the Huskers. The Spartan’s were undefeated entering this game against the Big Red with an eight and O record, holding to their tough standard the Huskers would really need to work together as a team and not fall apart during this game if they expect to win. Being back in Lincoln this was a military appreciation game and the Remembering Our Fallen organization was there.Planes Flying Over Memorial Stadium in Honor of our Military, Remembering Our Fallen Exiting the Tunnel.

Also i former Nebraska  baseball player and current Kansas City Royals player Alex Gordon made an appearance at the game and  received a standing ovation for winning the two thousand and fifteen World Series against the New York Mets.

Kansas City Royals and Former Nebraska Husker Alex Gordon at the Nebraska vs Michigan State game.

Now back to the football game, with a later game starting at five o’clock mountain standard time fans filed into the stadium or plopped their behinds on the couch in front of their televisions with some game time favorite foods nervously awaiting the game and hoping for improvement for their beloved Husker football team. Quarterback Tommy Armstrong returned after being out last week’s game against Purdue due to a toe injury he received during the Northwestern game, De’Mornay Pierson-El is out again after an injury last week against Purdue and unfortunately it seems as if this leg injury will keep him out for the remainder of the season. But hey look on the bright side we still have great talent that is able to play on the field and cover these injured players. The game was off with Nebraska winning the coin toss and deferring the ball to Michigan State so NU would receive at the start of the second half of the game and with that the teams are going into battle. Nebraska was the first team to get on the board this game with a field goal by kicker Drew Brown making the score 3-0 then a touchdown by Jordan Westerkamp making the game 10-0, this is looking good for Husker Nation right about now. At the end of the first quarter Nebraska is ahead 10-3 but tides start to change when Michigan gets a touchdown making it 10-10 but the Huskers prevail and score another three points with a field goal, by halftime the score is 13-17 Nebraska down by four. Second half Nebraska receives the ball and before you know it I-back Imani Cross runs the ball in for a touchdown and Brown’s kick is good which brings the game to 20-17 but the curse of leading then falling behind catches up with the Huskers when the score in the blink of an eye is 26-31, then 33-38 all Nebraska needs to win is a touchdown but the clock is ticking. Can they win!? With needing 91 yards to accomplish this goal the Huskers truck on down the field, with seventeen seconds left in the game Nebraska gets what they need, a touchdown by Brandon Reilly! The score now 39-38 just a one point difference, Nebraska goes for the two point conversion but misses their opportunity, now it is up to the defense on whether or not they can win the game and hold the MSU offense to no points. The clock is set, players in position, the ball is hiked and Nebraska pulls off what they needed for a win, blocking the offense and running time off the clock forcing the quarterback to throw the ball away and giving Nebraska the win. Fans everywhere were ecstatic they cannot believe what just happened, Nebraska has won the game against the undefeated Michigan State team at the very last second pulling together and showing what Husker football is all about. All that is left to say is GO BIG RED!


Sports Injuries


It has been one heck of a week for NFL fans around the league. It truly seems as though players are starting to get more and more injured. I would like to take a look at the various injuries and why they have been happening, and some of the certain precautions you can start taking to prevent them.images-1

From various players such as Reggie Bush, Cameron Wake, and Le’veon Bell have all gone down with season ending, and very impactful injuries. Players are starting to become stronger and stronger everyday in the NFL, which instinctually means that players are going to be hitting harder. I feel as though the professional referees need to be trained better with the rule book and helping better protect the players. Possibly help going around and showing the players the appropriate ways and places to hit so we can maybe lessen all of the injuries that are coming in bulks it seems as it gets deeper into the NFL. Cameron Wake tore his achilles tendon. We could have helped extend his season with possibly demanding the players to where appropriate shoes to protect that area. Le’veon Bell blew out his knee on a gruesome play. If maybe the players were taught how to tackle other players correctly we could have prevented this injury.


It not only is a problem just in the NFL, but sports that are played year round have been experiencing more and more injuries. Some participants in the sport need to keep their bodies healthy and in shape. They also need to transform safety guidelines depending on the sport so that players aren’t getting hurt as much. Players safety is one of the biggest key to improving the fun of the sport, and players health of course.

League of Legends Championship finals

SKTelecom T1 is now the only team to win the World Championships twice. What else is crazy is that throughout the whole championships they had only lost 1 game and that was in the finals against Koo Tigers where SK Telecom T1 went 3-1 . In 2014 they were a shadow of their former selves not even making it to the 2014 World championships , but in 2015 they reclaimed their title and the king has reclaimed his throne. 2015 worlds were not like the previous worlds as teams have improved much throughout 2 years and Korea was not going to be a guaranteed winner although Korea is home to 3 of the championship cups two which belong to SKT and the other one going to Samsung white. However with 2015 came a new line up with only two of the players from the 2013 championship still remain on the team Faker and Bengi as MaRin, Wolf and Bang have replaced the others which they have been filling their roles more than well. However the road to the championship was a rough and bumpy road as in 2014 most of the players had been under performing and nobody would have ever guessed that the Champions of the year before didn’t even qualify for the Wold Championships in 2014. However this time around Faker didn’t receive his 3rd MVP  but it went to MaRin the top laner  for SKT as he had been a bigger impact in their victories than anyone would have assumed. An interview with the team they are all happy that they could have taken the win for their country and they hope to compete next year and hopefully try for a back to back Championship win.  MaRin further went on to compliment his teammates. “I could talk about who played well or made mistakes, but that’s not important. Because I know that during this five weeks at Worlds, I know how hard these guys worked. How many hours they spent playing. So I don’t want to think about the detailed performances. I just want to compliment all of them. And I think all of them are amazing players because of all the hard work and dedication they put in to make this come true.” 

NBA Weekly Update

Hello basketball world! Week one is in the books and it is time for us to talk hoop news. Filled with a dozen of games, week one was full of memorable performances. The champs, the Golden State warriors, picked up right where they left off last season. The new look Spurs are still trying to find the right formula for all their new star pieces. The Cleveland Cavaliers are off to a good start despite the absence of their star point guard Kyrie Irving.

The Golden State Warriors matched up against the New Orleans Pelicans on opening night right after getting their championship rings. These two teams delivered an unbelievable playoff match-up last season that ended in 4 games. Both teams picked up right where they left off. However, the champs came out as winners grabbing a 111-95 victory. Stephen Curry is looking like “MVP Curry” and putting up impressive numbers to start the season. He scored 118 points in a span of 3 games and the warriors are hoping to build upon last year’s success to make another run at the NBA title.

The San Antonio Spurs are still fine-tuning their system to get the best out off their new core of talent. Lamarcus Aldridge is adjusting well to his new team but will most likely see his scoring average decrease significantly in the Spur’s offense. However, the big man does not seem to be bothered by that because all he wants is a chance to win an NBA championship. He made it clear that he is willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve that goal. The Spurs are playing good basketball to start their season and are off to a 3 wins – 1 loss start.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, with their improved bench, are also playing good basketball. Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert are still out and there is still no timetable on their return. Nevertheless, the team’s mentality has been “next man up” since last year and they have managed to be just fine so far. The team is off to a good start with a record of 3 victories and 1 loss. They beat the defensive minded Memphis Grizzlies team by 30 points, 106-76. Kevin Love is finally back in action and is looking great in the new offense. The big man is getting more touches and is capitalizing on them. It will be interesting to see what they will be able to accomplish once everybody is healthy.

Stay tuned for more basketball news!


Husker Halloween Hassle

Before diving into this weeks blog love, prayer, and support go out to the Nebraska Spirit Team as well as the family for the loss of team member and daughter Brianna Anson earlier in the week after a tragic accident. Husker Spirit Team At The Game Sporting Pink In Support Of Their Fallen Teammate

This week the match up between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Purdue Boilermakers fell on Halloween but happened at ten o’clock mountain standard time therefore there was no interference for the festivities of the night. Fun fact the Big Red is 17-1 all time playing on Halloween in their entire existence. With quarterback Tommy Armstrong being out for this game back up Ryker Fyfe had an opportunity to show Husker Nation what he is capable of, and they also for the first time this season wore the traditional white and red uniforms opposed to the all whites. Husker Uniforms Prepped And Ready For The Game

Now for some pregame information going into week nine, this is the third time that these two teams have matched up since Nebraska entered the Big Ten Conference, the Huskers won those two games by thirty seven points and twenty-one points. Entering this game at 3-5 after their rough game last week against Northwestern, Purdue entering the game at 1-6(positive outlook for the Huskers) their win was against Indiana State, the offense has struggled with one hundred and second in total offense, one hundred and third in rushing offense, and one hundred and six in third down offense. With the game off to a start Nebraska won the coin toss and deferred the ball to receive in the second half, Huskers kicked offed to the Boilermakers and the Blackshirts(Nebraska’s defense) did not allow any points, when the Huskers gained possession of the ball they were unable to get a touchdown , but settled for a field goal instead that  made the score three to zero. Before you knew it, in the blink of an eye, the boilermakers took the lead with a touchdown leaving the Huskers only able to score one touchdown with a blocked field goal, while Purdue scored another touchdown, nine to fourteen was the score by the second quarter. Unfortunately by halftime the score had turned into a nightmare for the Huskers who only had nine points compared to the twenty-one that Purdue had scored, this meant a haunting conversation needed to be held in the Husker locker room, they need to restructure and reevaluate their game plan if they hope to come out of this with a win. Second half started and Nebraska was receiving the ball and was able to score a touchdown bringing the score to sixteen to twenty-one, but one disappointment after another the scores kept distancing; Purdue went from twenty-one points to forty two before anyone knew it while Nebraska trailed with their score of sixteen, then twenty three, to then thirty one. Unfortunately this game was rough to watch for anyone who is a Nebraska fan especially when you’re losing to the worst team in the conference, the final score being forty five to fifty five a devastating loss for the Huskers and their record as well. Fingers crossed something can turn around with the team because fans are starting to fall apart at their seams.